Kristen Powers

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Work Experience

Intern at Ricoh USA

I was a Writing and Communications intern at Ricoh USA during the summer, 2016. It was my responsibility to alter, edit, and create content for job advertisements specific to Ricoh. I worked with multiple advisory committees within the company which were composed of members from various departments (Supply Chain, Managed Services, etc.) This collaboration helped to focus in on the particular job responsibilities of open positions, as well as identify the type of candidate they would like to apply. With this information, I drafted job advertisements that would eventually be posted online for the public. It was my job to ensure these advertisements were informative and accurate, yet enticing and persuasive to prospective applicants. I was exposed to new, wonderful experiences at Ricoh, and enhanced my communication skills during my time there as well!

Intern at The Columbia-Montour Partnership for Community Development

I worked as a social media/marketing intern at the Partnership for Community Development during my last semester of senior year. Much of my time was spent utilizing Photoshop and InDesign to create advertisements and email banners. These designs were used in print and online to showcase the Columbia-Montour area and to promote upcoming events. Aside from the advertisements, Facebook was a key aspect of event promotion. I worked within Facebook’s Business Manager to craft then publish weekly posts on behalf of the Visitors Bureau. In addition, I drafted a weekly newsletter using MailChimp, which was sent to all business members of the Chamber of Commerce. This “E-Biz” kept members up to date on both Chamber and local news.

During my time as an intern, the Visitors Bureau website was undergoing a complete revamp. I assisted this process in a few ways. First, I planned multiple “Recommended Trips” in order to inspire tourists and lessen the burden of planning a full vacation agenda. Next, I crafted the excerpt describing these trips to provide greater detail for the reader. Lastly, I put together blog posts that were reflective of personal experience, and will soon be added to the page. This internship truly fueled my desire to work with creative design, as well as affirmed my decision to pursue a career involving social media.


  • I completed a Computer Applications course, in which I worked extensively on Adobe InDesign. I created a newsletter titled "The Best of Bermuda", which details the islands most outstanding attractions. You can view my newsletter, created using InDesign, here: The Best of Bermuda Newsletter
  • Using, I created a website for the Bloomsburg University Chapter of Wishmakers on Campus. Click here to view the site!